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Branding is the soul of your business.

It’s more than just a digital aesthetic. It’s a focused force, fueled by your why, and forged into an identity that carries you to your goals. At Veritye we believe that branding is less about colors, fonts and images, and more about well placed words, powerful insights, and visual inspiration. Stories that show what could be in the lives of your audience. You’re branding is already shaping your story. Let’s tell the right story.

You already have branding, whether you realize it or not.

What people see, think and say about you…is your brand. It’s your visual reputation. It’s your ambassador, speaking on your behalf. Are you ok with what it’s saying about your level of craft and competency?

I believe in better stories, in branding that makes people feel something. That actually looks and sounds like you at your best. 

Let’s chat for a couple minutes on a call. You’ll get a feel for what is in store and see if we connect well. I’ll even offer some insight in real-time to not leave you empty handed.

It’s honestly really fun and gives a lot of people hope that clarity is possible.

“David is a joy to work with. He artfully blends an unobtrusive and disciplined curiosity with a focus on results and a deep sense of care. Creating an authentic brand identity with David was an engaging and fun process that created a clarity that continues to have a significant impact on both me and my business.”

Jeff St. John

Founder, Bluerock

” David is patient, creative, and genuine. His willingness and ability to dig in and understand our business was like nobody else we have ever worked with. His knowledge in applying the Story Brand Framework is excellent and we are thrilled with his work! “

Justin Hales, CFP

Founder, Greenrock Wealth

” David does an excellent job helping you to craft your message! I was amazed with what we were able to accomplish in under an hour. He takes the time to understand your brand and provides insightful feedback that connects you with your customers. “

Merideth Marshall

CEO, Uncharted

“David is an absolute pleasure to work with. Not only is he an excellent wordsmith, he also thinks big picture about you and your brand and becomes an advocate for your success. His enthusiastic and supportive demeanor coupled with his attention to detail make him an invaluable asset for anyone looking to up-level their brand and develop a foundation for future growth.”

Jessica Comingore

Founder, Marbury

“ David takes you to a place you didn’t know you wanted to go, but you love it when you arrive. If you’re looking for a copy and design professional who listens carefully and guides your ideas into action – and gets results, call David now. “

Derrick Kinney

CEO, Good Money Framework

It was my absolute pleasure working with David!  He did his work with excellence and produced beautiful and professional quality work. He has a very chill vibe which helped so much when I was feeling the pressure to produce excellent content. I highly recommend David!

Kim Marcom

Educator, Social Media Influencer 450k+

Talk is cheap. Our portfolio isn’t. Wait… that came out wrong. See…words matter. 

So Here’s To Clarity.

 To finally see eyes light up when you talk about what you do. To customers engaging.

And who knows.

That newfound clarity just might inspire you to even greater things.

Words Matter.