Tell Your Story.

sHAPE PERSPECTIVE. evoke emotion.

Brand videos, photography and social content.

Here we create stories that build a connection between you and your audience. Visual content that evokes emotion and educates effortlessly. A brand identity that reconciles your ambition with your words, photos, and videos.

One entire year’s worth of
your own content.

You run a business but your brand story doesn’t match. What people experience through your branding is convoluted at best.  Let’s change that.

Let’s craft a visual connection.

Like a “conversation over a coffee” connection, the first glance at a party connection, a rush of emotion, and a glimmer of hope…that all lead to engagement.

A crossing of paths where your expertise, your product, your experience, or your life’s work, meets one of their life’s needs.

So let’s tell a better story.

Not one better than the one you have, but one where you feel clear in your delivery, your viewers feel heard, and your purpose moves forward as you connect with more people to make a difference in people’s lives.

It will take work.

It will take some real honest conversation.

It might even take some introspection.

But it will feel real.

It might be one of the most rewarding things you’ve ever done. Your audience will feel heard, your team honored, and your own heart inspired to keep going.

You’ll finally have something intentionally built, refined, and crafted to be an ambassador of your business.

To speak for you, in a way that sounds like you.

Your life has a story worth telling.

Let’s tell that story.


“David is a joy to work with. He artfully blends an unobtrusive and disciplined curiosity with a focus on results and a deep sense of care. Creating an authentic brand identity with David was an engaging and fun process that created a clarity that continues to have a significant impact on both me and my business.”

Jeff St. John

Founder, Bluerock

It was my absolute pleasure working with David!  He did his work with excellence and produced beautiful and professional quality work. He has a very chill vibe which helped so much when I was feeling the pressure to produce excellent content. I highly recommend David!

Kim Marcom

Educator, Social Media Influencer 250k+

Your brand is your ambassador

You’ll finally have something intentionally built, refined,
and crafted to be an ambassador of your business.

To speak for you, in a way that sounds like you.

Your life has a story worth telling.

Let’s tell that story.

Brand Photography


Stock footage is dead.

Well, it’s dying.

Why use other people to tell your story? Create a library of 150 photos you can use for the next year to tell your story, to connect with people. We’ll guide you away from forced smiles into genuine laughter. From blank stares to sincere expressions.

All in a way that puts you in the best light, refined, professional, sincere, and engaging.

Professional settings, engaging locations, a mix of approachable and accomplished.

All helping you curate your own story, with you at the forefront.

Brand Videography


Anyone can make a video. Write a script. Find music. Interview someone. Slice it together and go. But a brand film. That takes more than skill. It takes understanding.

To reconcile your ambition with carefully crafted words and a story arc that engages the viewer.

That is where film furthers brand.

A brand film prompts emotion, it shapes perspective, effortlessly invites people into your story, and creates a connection that almost feels like a conversation.

A brand film allows you to create a moment, a container of space where for a brief moment, you are sharing what you offer in a way that completely removes the sales speech you hate and trades it in for a story worth listening to.

It’s a story of dreams coming true, reconciled relationships, preserved experiences, breakthroughs in personal growth, products that improve lives and create smiles.


1 year of social media content
Captured in 3 days


Yes,  you read that right. We’ll travel to you, film and shoot an entire years worth of social media content for you. In three days.

Imagine with me for a moment. No stressing about what to post, spending way to much time posting when you actually do, and wishing it looked and sounded better after you post it. Better yet, posts that actually are of you, not generic. All done for you. You’ll receive a package of 40 videos, 150 pictures and 52 quote boxes in a library you can pull from to post. Let’s tell your story.

Words Matter.